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Pregnant in India? No marriage for you!


Hindu wedding while pregnant courtship dating live Before conception, during pregnancy and following birth, there are many Samskara performed in the Hindu tradition. The Samskara performed around and during pregnancy have different purposes, but all are to aid in a healthy, auspicious pregnancy preferably that of a son. These Samskaras are prescribed in the Grhya Sutras ancient Hindu texts of householder rites and are also in current ritual handbooks, even though they are not used very often anymore.

pregnancy before marriage in indian culture

The couple should be able to look forward to the arrival of the baby, with anticipation and exhilaration. It is a natural event in the life of a woman and, therefore, should be treated as such. Unfortunately, many couples are filled with anxiety and apprehension, engendered by myths and misconceptions generated by family and friends.

pros and cons of getting married while pregnant

Urban feminists initially interpreted the move as yet another example of conservative India's attempts to restrict female sexuality and deny women control over their own bodies. It turns out that most of the women barred from the ceremony were members of the local Gond tribe. Among the Bhils in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the young girls and boys are encouraged to mix 'freely' prior to getting married so that they can choose their own life partner. Among the Gonds, the practice of keeping young boys and girls together in a community house, the Ghotul, is well established. This helps them in finding their life partners.

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