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Kilkenny dating websites being intimidating to others With your registration you confirm that you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The online dating portal exclusively for people over 50! Are you over 50 and single? Contact Us History of the Inn With a history dating back to 1263, Kytelers Inn, in the heart of the Mediaeval City of Kilkenny, combines a rich heritage with 21st century amenities and service. Since it was first established by the notorious Dame Alice de Kyteler in the 13th. Century, the Inn has welcomed visitors and has provided them with good food and beverages. To-day its menu maintains the proud tradition of Irish cooking and from its taps flow local beers like Kilkenny and Smithwicks as well as Guinness and the Irish lager, Harp. It is a place of merriment and celebration whose rafters continue to be raised by music and song, where weddings, birthdays and family events are celebrated and where the people of Kilkenny and their visitors gather for music, dance and conversation.

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