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Becoming a cross-border worker in Luxembourg


Living in germany working in luxembourg long distance relationship dating sites By Maikel Wijsbek in LuxembourgTax09. Luxembourg has more than 190,000 cross-border commuters, most of whom live luxembour Belgium, France, or Germany. Amazingly, since Brexit there have been more and more commuters from the UK too. Given the traffic and read article issues arising alongside this trend, there have recently been more calls for flexible work arrangements.

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The uncertainties regarding the taxation of German cross-border workers have been clarified thanks to the mutual agreement between Luxembourg and Germany. The agreement is binding for the German and Luxembourg tax authorities and provides reliable guidelines in relation to the taxation of German cross-border workers. Situation of German cross-border workers German cross-border workers i.

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By living in a bordering country, they can benefit from higher remuneration while paying a fraction of the housing costs. Cross-border workers in Luxembourg may reside in Germany, France or Belgium and commute daily across the border to work in Luxembourg ; at the end of each work day, they travel back to their respective residence countries. If they are third-country nationals, however, they must hold a valid work permit in any of the aforementioned countries, as well as a valid employment contract on which it is clearly stated that they may need to work for some days of the month in Luxembourg.

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