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10 Places to Visit In Bangalore for Couples


Places to visit in bangalore for couples in two day what to know about dating a persian woman Grape Stomping Min. Couplse, now you can experience this in reality at the Jakkur Airfield. That is what makes Jakkur Airfield one of the most interesting places for a romantic date. Nehru Planetarium Stargazing Rated 14 of 23 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples Indulging in an enchanted stargazing experience is sure to leave your beloved highly impressed and starry-eyed. If you are interested in such for a romantic date idea, Nehru Planetarium is where you should be taking your sweetheart to.

places to visit in bangalore for couples in one day

Planning a 2-3 day trip from Bangalore with friends, family or even a romantic getaway with your partner? Bangalore is surrounded by many cities and towns which will give you a look into pre-historic civilizations to beachside getaways, and even an escapade into the hills. Halebidu Distance from Bangalore — 211 km Source. twitter. These historic places are known for its Hoysala architecture.

Amazing places to visit in Bangalore - Parks and Activities I August 2016

visiting place in bangalore within 50 kms

The best way to enjoy your weekends is to plan 2 day trip, which can be relaxing and of course the best journey. Our Adventure experts have handpicked delightful destinations which are ideal for spending a quick getaway from all the noise and clamor of the city. It is just 100 kms from Bangalore which lies between shivanasamudra falls and mekedatu falls, located on the banks of river Cauvery. It serves as a retreat for those who are looking for a calm and refreshing weekends.

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Windflower Resort Bangalore - Romantic Adventure Weekend Review and Room Tour

10 must visit places near to or in Bangalore

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