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Financial Aid Overview and Scholarships


Scholarships for mental health counseling programs street map of limoges france The Master learn more here Education degree in Counselor Education with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is designed to prepare graduates to assess, diagnose and treat clients with mental fir as well as those with problems in living. The emphasis of this Master's degree program is on developing skills in counseling individuals, families and groups, using the best theoretical and research-based practices. The goals are to help clients to become stabilized and to achieve as optimal functioning as possible. Preparing for Your New Career The 60 credit hour Master's degree program provides a solid foundation in counseling theories and techniques with specialty courses in issues in mental health counseling practice, psychopathology, substance abuse counseling, and human sexuality counseling. During the practicum, advanced practicum and internship that total 1000 hours, students are assigned to mental health agencies where they specialize in areas of interest to them.

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Program Admission Requirements Admission to the Counseling Program and the three sequences is competitive. There is no guarantee of admission even if an applicant meets or exceeds the minimum criteria. The minimum criteria for admission are described below.

Private practice clinical psychologist Scholarships Students searching for scholarship programs devoted to Psychology, therapy, and healthcare counseling will want to begin by looking at professional associations and organizations connected to their specific career goals. In other words, if you intend to become an addiction counselor, look for those professional bodies that represent therapists and counselors who work with rehabilitation centers and substance abuse clinics. A few notable examples of scholarship opportunities for various mental healthcare professionals will give you a more definite idea of what to look for in your search for college funding.

Division of Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling: Mariel Marshall's scholarship

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Professor Deborah Bowman on Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program



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