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6 Ways God's Leading You to the One


Signs from god that he is not the one tamara cruz I was heartbroken and really thought that I would die. The pain was insupportable and every morning felt like somebody had just rammed a new dagger into my heart. This helps me to work in Ministry full-time and cover the expenses of this blog. Watch the YouTube video here! You ask yourself lots of questions but you simply do not know the answer. These answers come in form of a heart break and eventual break up with that person. We even sense in our spirit that something is not right with this relationship. However we ignore the signs because we believe we are in love. And then ignore them when He shows you this person is not the one for you.

signs he is not a godly man

How to know he is the one? With so many different words used to describe your relationship status. Talking to each other? You oftentimes forget that the primary purpose of that season is to evaluate whether or not he is the one whom God has for you.

Signs He's Falling In Love With You (EVERY Guy Shows This One Sign!)

The man GOD has for you will pursue YOU!

3 Things God Will Do When He Is Telling You Not to Proceed Forward



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