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Livy sack of rome professional dating service kansas city Publisher. J. Each elected their magistrates, but on totally different principles. The Romans increased the number of their consular tribunes to eight - a larger number than had ever been elected before.

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The Gauls had been established in the Po valley for some time by 390, but they had not yet appeared in Roman history. Livy mentions them towards the end of his account of the long siege of Veii 405-396 B. The Gallic force that threatened Rome was the personal war band of Brennus, king of the Senones.

Rome: from Marius to Caesar

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At the time, the Roman Empire was divided and on the decline. Marauding Germanic tribes had begun making incursions across the Rhine and Danube, and one of them, a group of Visigoths led by a king named Alaric, had already besieged Rome on two separate occasions.

Barbarians Rising: Alaric and the Sack of Rome - History

They were likely familiar with the Po River Valley, in north central Italy, from trade arrangements with Etruscans who were there. The Gauls crossed the Alps en masse capturing and settling Etruscan territory by force. The Gallic tribes were united only by blood and origin and each maintained their own kings or warlords. Some of these tribes settled into cattle and cereal farming along with peaceful cohabitation, but others maintained aggressive policies towards their new neighbors.




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