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5 Conflict Resolution Strategies We All Use


Accommodating in conflict resolution my son is dating a pregnant girl This is how the Thomas-Kilmann measurement instrument and their five conflict resolution strategies came to our attention. Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann developed five conflict resolution strategies that people use to handle conflict, including avoiding, defeating, compromising, accommodating, and collaborating. This is based on the assumption that people choose how cooperative and how assertive to be in a conflict. It suggests that everyone has preferred ways of responding to conflict, but most of us use all methods under various circumstances. It is helpful to understand the five methods, particularly when you want to move a connflict forward.

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The introduction to this series begins here. A second mode of conflict is Accommodating, which describes when a person is cooperative, but not assertive. The aim of this mode is to yield, and often to maintain the relationship or status quo between themselves and other other party. Perhaps even on purpose. Sometimes this is a good thing.

Conflict Management

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The causes of conflict range from philosophical differences and divergent goals to power imbalances. Unmanaged or poorly managed conflicts generate a breakdown in trust and lost productivity. For small businesses, where success often hinges on the cohesion of a few people, loss of trust and productivity can signal the death of the business. With a basic understanding of the five conflict management strategies, small business owners can better deal with conflicts before they escalate beyond repair.

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How you utilize conflict resolution strategies depends on both your conflict style and your conflict resolution skills. There are many different ways to respond to conflict situations; some conflict styles involve a considerate or cooperative approach while others involve either a competitive or passive approach. Conflict Styles Those who have proper conflict resolution training understand how to diffuse the situation and reach an agreement that satisfies all parties. The first step in conflict resolution is understanding the various styles of conflict. The five styles of conflict include. Avoiding the Conflict Avoiding or withdrawing from a conflict requires no courage or consideration for the other party.


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