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Supporting Physically Handicapped Students


Accommodating students with physical disabilities chile dating site Physical Disabilities Implications for Learning Physical disability may dizabilities an impact on some or all activities to a greater or lesser extent. Students with physical disabilities may have problems related to movement, posture e. The initial barrier experienced by many students with physical disabilities is physically accessing the learning environment itself.

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Back or neck injuries may also affect general mobility. A stroke may result in temporary or permanent loss of feeling or movement of part of the body — frequently on one side. Speech and vision may also be affected in students with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis for example, and in those who have suffered a stroke. Coordination and balance may be mildly or severely affected by any of these conditions. Movement may be impaired by muscle spasms, numbness or pain.

Accommodations for Students with Emotional Disabilities

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Disability Awareness: Physical Disability

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