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Ben carson doctor story nerd night cincinnati I love the story, particularly the beginning where he talks about his mother. She's the reason I read the book -- I heard a little teaser of the story at a presentation by Jim Trelease and wanted to hear more about her. She is an incredible person and did what every mother should do -- give her kids a chance to be better and do more than she did. Ben Carson and his brother were raised in inner-city Detroit, with their odds of becoming successful almost non-existent, yet Ben eventually became the head of the pediatric neurosurgery carrson at Johns Hopkins, largely due to his mother's influence. Ben writes the book himself, so everything is in the first person.

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Thanks for watching! Visit Website Sonya eventually discovered her husband was a bigamist and had another secret family. Influential Mother Ben was 8 and Curtis, his brother, was 10 when Sonya began to raise them as a single mother, reportedly moving to Boston to live with her sister for a time and eventually returning to Detroit. The family was very poor and, to make ends meet, Sonya sometimes toiled at two or three jobs simultaneously in order to provide for her boys.

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Dr. Ben Carson Separates Sinuses of Conjoined Twins