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Who is Paul Bernon? 5 things to know about Bethenny Frankel’s new man


Bethenny frankel dating paul bernon radiocarbon dating dinosaurs It's her livelihood to say" I ' m out with friends having a good time,"' Mayefsky said. Shields died aged 51 on August 10 after reportedly telling EMTs that he had taken oxycodone Bethenny Frankel has a lot to smile about these days — and much of it is thanks to her boyfriend Paul Bernon. Things between us are really nice. The two have been spotted on luxurious vacations since, including read article trip bthenny Playa del Carmen over the New Year holiday.

October 11, 2018 3.15 pm. It was only days ago that Bethenny Frankel confessed to accidentally texting her late boyfriend. Sometimes, letting go of a lost loved one is impossible. Fortunately, it looks like Bethenny is finally managing to move on -- with a new man in her life. But who is her new man, Paul Bernon?

Bethenny Frankel and New Boyfriend Paul Bernon Celebrate Their First Valentine’s Day Together: Pic -

Real Housewives Of New York fans watched her date one Jason who didn't want to move in with her only to move onto another Jason that she married, had a baby with, and is wrapping up an atrocious divorce with. Then, her on-again, off-again boyfriend died suddenly.

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