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Best Seafood Restaurants in Hyderabad, Hyderabad District


Fish price list in hyderabad ang dating biblia app PTI Photo Hyderabad. The Goud family has been distributing the 'miracle drug' for 160 years The fish stuffed with a paste, is believed to be a cure for asthma 35,000 fish 'prasadam' distributed till now, arrangements made for a lakh Fish 'prasadam', which is believed to cure asthma, was on Wednesday administered to thousands of patients who came here from various parts of the country. The programme, which began on Wednesday morning at the Exhibition Grounds in Nampally, hydefabad continue for just click for source hours. Members of Bathini Goud family were administering the fish stuffed with a herbal paste -- reportedly believed to be a cure for asthma and other breathing ailments. Amid elaborate arrangements made by police and various departments, the distribution of 'prasadam' began at 8 am, marking the beginning of Mrigasira Karthi or the onset of monsoon. COMMENT Given the widening gap between the demand and supply, Kerala will be a net deficit State in terms of fish availability and needs to rely on arrivals or imports for domestic supply. For daily consumption, on an average of 2000-2500 tonnes of fish is required and the domestic supply caters to only 60 per cent. The remaining has to be sourced or imported from other states or countries.

How to set up a new fish aquarium step by step process

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