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Ranking the romances of Gossip Girl from best to worst


Gossip girl couples timeline dating a persian man What about that time Gossip Girl slut-shamed Dan's sister? But after it turns out Dan's also been anonymously stalking and humiliating Serena for years under the guise of GG, she doesn't run a mile and file a restraining order. Oh no.

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Sep 19, 2016 Getty The revelation that Dan "Lonely Boy" Humphrey was Gossip Girl all along was a fitting end to the show, in the sense that it was an incomprehensible mess best enjoyed as self-parody. Co-creator Stephanie Savage has claimed that Dan as GG was always the plan, and that the pilot even had to be recut because one sequence seemed to make the twist too obvious. Dan literally writing himself into their narrative, penning snarky commentary on his relationships with Serena, Blair, et al while playing the innocent nice guy, is a potentially amazing antihero story. So is this actually a psychological thriller about a teenage sociopath with dissociative identity disorder?

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Did anyone think Nate and Vanessa would end up together? The answer is probably no. That's why their relationship felt like something Gossip Girl had to get out of the way. In the first two seasons, they got together, broke up and then got back together.

Dan Serena DERENA love story (Gossip Girl)

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Email If Gossip Girl were a guy instead of a TV show, he'd be the really sexy guy you completely fall for immediately, slowly realize he's the worst and constantly disappointing you, yet keep hooking up with him sporadically for the next five years. Or maybe that's just me and everyone else has already given up on the scandalous Upper East Siders, but I still have a soft spot for it despite despairing of its many ridiculous plot lines and openly laughing at the dramatic death scene we saw last week. It's definitely time for the show to end, but I'm still feeling a little nostalgic remembering all the good times. Need to get caught up on everything that's happened? Here's our handy guide!

Gossip Girl Final - "Dan is Gossip Girl"



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