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Straight talk about cyberstalking


How to prove cyber harassment best dating site for asian guys It is an umbrella term that describes conduct that is harassing in nature, facilitated by or involving the use of electronic means of communication. If you think or know you are being cyber harassed, what legal recourse, if any, do you have? On 15 December 1999 the Domestic Violence Act 116 of 1998 the Act came into effect, providing much needed effective and inexpensive legal procedures for victims of domestic violence. Furthermore, the section clarifies each act of domestic violence.

It is criminal harassment for someone to repeatedly follow or contact you or engage in threatening behaviour, so as to make you afraid. Also capable of being criminal harassment. cyberbullying. Understand your legal rights Stalking can amount to criminal harassment Stalking may start with conduct that seems more annoying than dangerous. In some cases, it can amount to criminal harassment. This is a crime under section 264 of the Criminal Code.

Resources 1. What Is Online Harassment?

Cyberbullying, Cyber Stalking, Defamation



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