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Kungs Debut Album 'Layers'; Out Today


Kungs layers youtube three concepts related to mating and attraction that are used in online dating profiles. He started his musical career with a djembe gifted by his parents to him at the age of five. From The Who to The Kooks with many in-between, this essential listening forged the first steps to Kungs inspiration as an artist. Discovering a passion for electronic music in his teenaged years, Kungs became infused with interest for kunhs sounds and crafted timbres always lead by a dominant vocal. By the age of seventeen his interests had evolved, and creating melodies using his own instruments became a passion. I love using brass instruments in my production!

kungs layers songs

The votes of all the professionals of the French music industry has decided to reward the 20 years old producer and his debut album LAYERS. All the Unity family is proud of Valentin and to show the world that in souls nobly born, valour does not depend upon age. This gave him the opportunity to perform in prime time his single Halcyon Birds in a never seen new version. Congrats to this two talents who are starting 2017 in a big way! The roster has known some changes at the end of 2015 and it was really risky to tell how 2016 would turn to be.

Unboxing: Kungs - Layers

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Kungs - Layers - Album Review

Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners - This Girl (Official Music Video)

kungs layers songs

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