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Platonic Solids - Why Five?


Non platonic solid milind soman running tips Platonic Solids and Plato's Theory of Everything The Socratic tradition was not particularly congenial to mathematics, as may be gathered from Socrates' inability to convince himself that 1 plus 1 equals 2, but it seems that his student Plqtonic gained an appreciation for mathematics after a series of conversations with his friend Archytas in 388 BC. One of the things that most caught Plato's imagination was the existence and uniqueness of what are now called the five "Platonic solids". It's uncertain who first described all five of these shapes - it may have been the early Pythagoreans - but some sources including Euclid indicate that Theaetetus another friend of Platoni wrote the first complete account of the five regular solids. In any case, Plato was mightily impressed by these five definite shapes that constitute the non platonic solid perfectly symmetrical arrangements of a set of non-planar points in space, and late in life he expounded a complete "theory of everything", in the treatise called Timaeus, based explicitly on these five solids. Interestingly, almost 2000 years later, Johannes Kepler was similarly fascinated by these five shapes, and developed his own cosmology from them.

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Earth Solid Molecules are limited to vibration about fixed position. Solids have a definitive volume and shape and high density. When energy is applied to a solid eg heated the solid becomes a liquid at its melting point.

DYI Platonic Solids Popsicle Sticks

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Cosmos: The Platonic Solids

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