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Shinan: On Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and where Penn Badgley was when he heard the news


Penn badgley song about blake lively laura ashley dating And while many actor-slash-musicians shun the roles that made them famous, Aout is awesomely cool with it all. Penn. When "Easy" came out. I mean, sometimes people are like, "Your hit, 'Easy! It wasn't a hit. We have a couple hundred thousand listens on SoundCloud, but even nowadays, it's like, what does that mean?

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His parents actually chose this name for him while his mom, Lynne, was still pregnant with him! Lynne then made the comment that her baby was the same size as the ball. The name then grew on them as the baby came to term.

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley Goodbye My Lover

May 9, 2013 Trunk Archive For six seasons on the CW's Gossip Girl, Penn Badgley's Dan Humphrey, the do-good, earnest writer otherwise known as Lonely Boy, was the soap's moral center such as it had one —that is, until the series finale, when it was revealed that Humphrey was all along our titular tattler. Up to that point, Badgley, 26, was also the show's unlikeliest tabloid target, thanks to his two-and-a-half-year relationship with costar Blake Lively. But dating a coworker can be problematic, especially when the romance ends and she marries Ryan Reynolds while the show is still in production. Still, not much seems to slow down Badgley, who's been working since he relocated from Seattle to L.

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