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Second city stand up chicago online meeting icebreakers Peter Kim is link from right. Photo via Facebook. Second City actor Peter Kim reached his breaking point after an audience member shouted out a racist comment about Mexicans in the middle of a show three weeks ago. But by the time Kim joined three other performers in quitting their jobs at the world-class North Side comedy venue this month, he had already heard far more offensive racial comments and hate speech from audience members—some of whom were kicked out by Second City, which has a policy of removing offensive audience members, and some of whom were not. Kim, a comedian and native New Yorker who until recently was a cast member for Second City's "A Red Line Runs Through It," recently sat down with Chicagoist to discuss comedy's growing problem with racism, and how he made the tough decision to leave a dream job over it.

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At the heart of these practices is the ability to make someone laugh. A well-placed joke or a spontaneous line can have the audience in stitches, which is something we teach, to a certain degree, at The Second City. Though one needs to have a small amount of natural talent, our training center provides one with a specific skill set, perfect for any form of comedy, including stand-up comedy. Many alumni have gone on to have successful careers in sitcoms, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, and more.

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