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Breaking a myth: Data shows you don’t actually need a co-founder


Single founder vs co founder daniel sharman dating history The gender discrimination issue is far more complex but you get the point. While women and colored people are allowed to apply to accelerators and investors, single founders are discriminated against much more openly; see the answer from FAQ about single founder at Oxygen Accelerator. Source. Oxygen Accelerator Fojnder Most stats would put failure because of a single founder and because of issues between co-founders at the same level. Poor single parent…how are they going to raise the kid. Starting a startup is too hard for one person.

do you need a co-founder?

WalterSear 5 months ago It only works for some kind of products and some kind of buyers, obviously. You can't sell someone a can of tomatoes based on a demo. But, if the value you can provide is immediately obvious to the customer, rather than an incremental improvement on their existing situation, then you can get them to express interest before you have a finished product to provide them with. So yes, basically you bullshit everyone with some mockups and a pretty website, to determine if anyone would even be interested in the thing you want to build. Selling isn't just the monetary transaction.

Kathryn Minshew: 7 Classic Startup Founder Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Getty Images "Build a strong team. Build a great team of rockstars with complementary skills.

can there be two founders in a company

What is a Co-Founder & Should I Have One?

The article was published just after Y Combinator was established. Since then, countless accelerators and VCs have looked down on the solo founder.



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