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Stephen farrelly net worth love it or list it couple dating Weight 121 kg Stephen Farrelly is an Irish professional wrestler who is more familiar amongst people through his ring name Sheamus. His career took a turn for better once he joined WWE as his popularity has been on the rise ever since his first debut. Sheamus' pale white body and his ginger red hair and beard is instantly recognizable and has become an icon amongst his fans.

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He is a well-known Irish professional wrestler and actor. And was brought up in the city. He can speak fluently Irish, who completed his early education. During the period of his school years, he tried to sing in the Palestrina Choir until he turns at the age of 13; during this time, he also performed on the Late Late Show and Live at Three. Where once he was titled as sports star of the month.

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After a bright start a neck injury in 2002 ruled Sheamus out of action for two long years... Sheamus then set his sights on winning his title back and defeated both Red Vinny and Vic Viper to win the no. Sheamus O'Shaunessy is now a regular face on the Roster of the top Wrestling promotions in the UK, such as All Star Wrestling, and looks set to take Irish Grappling all the way around the world and all the way to the top. With hardly a week passing by without another twist in the burgeoning career of SOS all he asks is that fans get behind him and "Come With Me! Six weeks later he officially debuted as a fan favorite under the name Sheamus O'Shaunessy against Robert Pigeon.

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With his immense power and strength, he has earned a ring name as Sheamus. He is one of the most formidable members in the WWE who had brought in many fans and followers who love to watch his moves.

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