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Talks to help you believe in love again


Ted talks about love how to get spam emails on purpose Only comedian John Hodgman could see the connection between searching for extraterrestrials and finding love. Getty Images Are you in love? Madly in love? In long-term love? Hoping to be in love?

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And what I found was a gold mine! So many amazing talks that challenge the way you think and inspire you to see things from a different perspective. Love it. The words we use are powerful and can influence us in forming perceptions about our lives. This talk seriously opened my eyes as to how I talk about love and my marriage.

The brain in love - Helen Fisher

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By Mehak Anwar June 13 2016 If there's one thing that everyone loves, it's love, and what better way to celebrate love than watch TEd Talks about love? Whether you're into the science of love, the mathematics of love, or how love and literature connect, there's sure to be a TED Talk about love for you.

How to find the right partner - Tony Verheij - TEDxTwenteU

What is love? A journey through the heart - Mia Hansson - TEDxDouglas

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Решайте. И знакомый мотив: на нас не ссылайтесь. Иначе будете нести партийную ответственность. Такое я много раз слышал когда-то в Главлите. Но выяснилось, что Михаил Сергеевич Горбачев еще месяц назад посмотрел все эти четыре выпуска и никаких замечаний не дал.



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