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Why doesn't my Experian Credit Report update at the same time as my Experian Credit Score?


Why is my credit score not updating speed dating at conferences Lenders use FICO most frequently to make underwriting decisions — without a time lag associated with the middleman websites. The remainder of this article addresses what happens at the agencies and their data sources. Day of the Month Your lender credit score does not update on any specific day of the month. In fact, the bureaus do not store the equation result in a file. They calculate the rating each time that a lender pulls a copy of your credit report — using the information presented on your file at that single point in time.

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Being able to predict how your credit report — and ultimately your credit score — will change is a concern for anyone who knows the importance of having good credit or who's hoping to be approved for a major loan. Because creditors that do report to credit bureaus are continuously updating your information, your credit report can update as often as daily. The businesses you have accounts with report to the credit bureaus at different times throughout the month based on their own schedule. Since most credit information is now sent electronically, updates send to the credit bureaus will often show on your credit report right away. Note that while your credit report itself can update daily, some free credit monitoring tools only refresh your credit report weekly or monthly.

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