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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are Probably Still Dating


Actor dating katie holmes new connections agency Jun 13, 2019 Kevin MazurGetty Images After a very public relationship with Tom Cruise that ended in divorce in 2012, Katie Holmes all but disappeared from the spotlight. Holmes chose to focus instead on her work as an actor, producer, and director, and her low-key life with daughter Suri in New York City. But in the last year we've gotten much more information about Holmes' relationship with Jamie Foxx, the man she's been quietly dating for over five years. Last year, Holmes finally stepped out holding hands with Foxx, and source since provided glimpses of casual get-togethers and even gasp! Here's everything we know about one of the most private relationships in Hollywood, from how it all started where they are today.

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Jul 1 2018, 3.47 pm EDT Getty Images Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been rumored to be dating for several years now, but they've always managed to keep their relationship under wraps. Somewhat surprisingly, Holmes' rep responded to this report, telling People that "The Radar story is 100 percent untrue," appearing to confirm that the relationship is very much still on. Here, take a look back at all of the key moments in Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's secretive courtship , from how they met, to whether they're still together now. 2004. Foxx works with Tom Cruise on Collateral. The pair appear to strike up a friendship over the course of filming. She is seen chatting to Foxx on the field, who is clearly an acquaintance, as she attends the game with Cruise.

Claudia Jordan Rescinds Statement About Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Dating

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