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Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler Reveal Whether They’ve Ever Hooked Up, Dated


Adam sandler dating list single mom dating a married man The following year he starred opposite Jack Nicholson in the hit comedy Anger Management. Taking a more dramatic turn, he starred in the dramedy Spanglish 2004 as a husband experiencing trouble with his wife played by Tea Leoni and developing a relationship with his housekeeper played by Paz Vega. Remaking the 1974 sports comedy The Longest Yard 2005he played a convict who organizes a football game between the inmates and the sandle — a role originated by Burt Reynolds. Reynolds also appeared in the remake along with comedian Chris Rock and singer Nelly.

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In our previous 2015 incarnation of this list, we included his animated film Hotel Transylvania at No. Scroll through the slideshow or read the list below for our picks for the Top 10 Adam Sandler movies, staring with... Big Daddy It's not exactly a stretch for Sandler to play an unmotivated slob who refuses to face the realities of adult life. He tried this same ol' shtick again in 1999's Big Daddy, which stars Sandler as Sonny Koufax, a perpetual adolescent whose girlfriend gives him an ultimatum. Become responsible or kiss her goodbye.

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Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler on Friendship, Adam Levine & Emergency Landing

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