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The 11 worst makeovers in 'America's Next Top Model' history


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antm cycle 23

I'm a long-time America's Next Top Model fan, but in the past couple years, I've fallen off the bandwagon-- not finishing off the few seasons I haven't seen, and not really re-watching episodes either. But, over the past week or so, I've been re-watching some older episodes of ANTM, including several makeover episodes, as those are my favorites. And given my love of lists and rankings, I decided that I wanted to do a blog post listing my favorite and least favorite makeovers in the 22 cycle history of the show.

ANTM22 Episode One: Lacey Clips

antm cycle 24

We call it a tytytip. No big thing. Who needs to look in that direction that often? Devin looks up and straight ahead all the way to the Tyra Suite.

antm cycle 21 makeovers

Once a cycle, host Tyra Banks conjures up new looks for all of the models, with the hopes of upping their style and giving them a signature aesthetic. Often, these glow-ups turn everyday pedestrians into modelesque divas ready to conquer the runway and the fashion world. Jaeda Young — Cycle 7 Cycle 7 contestant Jaeda Young entered the competition as a frontrunner, with the kind of bone structure that hardly even requires a smize to produce a stunning shot. However, things got rocky for the young model after Tyra decided to chop off her luscious locks and leave her with a Halle Berry -inspired pixie cut.


ANTM Cycle 15 Makeovers

antm cycle 22 episode 4

It details the competition between 12-14 aspiring models who are looking to become the new "it girl" in the fashion world. Created and hosted by Tyra Banks , who was a majorly successful supermodel herself, the show went on for 22 "Cycles" as the show calls it — or seasons — until it was canceled in 2015. Lucky for us, VH1 revived the iconic show shortly after its demise with Rita Ora as host, but Banks returned for Cycle 24 in January 2018.



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