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The 15 Most Hilarious Meme Pages on Facebook


God memes facebook comedy central animated shows Copy James Denham does not have a strong social media following. But in January, Denham ran across an image of what appeared to be two teenagers cruelly hanging a puppy by a string and posted it to his Facebook wall. The photo has since gox shared over 70,000 times from this profile, making it among the most widely viewed content on the site. The photo is completely useless at this point. The photo continues to be spread around by oblivious people every day, despite the comments and despite being of absolutely no use to the world. Jonathan Foley, the owner of a network of meme pages with millions of followers, including SocietyFeelings, Deep, and Positivity, told him that Instagram had shut down his accounts without warning, along with a slew of others. Instagram regularly purges batches of accounts that the platform says violate its terms. And this is not the first time Instagram has cracked down on spam during the holidays. Some memers have estimated that more than 500 accounts were shut down over the past few days, including pages with millions of followers, such as ComedySlam and Pubity. Even God was suspended on Christmas.


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Conclusion 1. It is an omnipresent entity in the land of memes.

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Shaggy is God Meme Compilation

Plays God of War Once

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