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WhatsApp Has A LOT of Hidden Features [You Might Not Know About!]


How to hide my whatsapp account from others age difference for dating rule Kalpana GaurPosted on January 7, 2016, filed in. Mobile otherrs, Tech News Instant communication with near and dear has come a long way indeed. The world is currently trending towards short messaging apps like WhatsApp which has become the most popular instant messaging service for smartphone users worldwide, thanks to its remarkable ease of use! History of Stealth Settings The age old MSN messenger, Yahoo messenger, Google Talk or any other chatting app allowed its users to become invisible from their social contacts with stealth settings. This feature was very valuable in those days who want to stay away from online pings for a short duration. The backstory to Whatsapp is awesome as well. Two guys — Brian Acton and Jan Koum — left their employment at Yahoo and searched for new opportunities at Facebook, where they were turned down. Looking for what to do next the two engineers took interest in the then-embryonic App Store, a thing they saw as a HUGE opportunity, and set about working on an idea for a proprietary messaging service.

how to hide my name in whatsapp

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How to HIDE whatsapp chat ?TIPS

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