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Qatar: Traffic Services Are Easier with METRASH 2


How to pay traffic violation in metrash 2 black and white couples dating According to MoI's official website, the discount is applicable to all traffic violations incurred through various means, including radar and those issued by traffic patrols and personnel, in addition to impounded vehicles. Those who desire to benefit from the initiative can make the payment through MoI electronic services, Metrash2, MoI self-service apparatuses at various malls and MoI service centres around the country. The MoI decision forms part of its efforts to encourage trafflc to abide by the traffic laws for their safety and avoid the negative consequences of traffic violations. Paying only half the amount of the accumulated fines will help vehicle owners to process any application or transaction at the Traffic Department smoothly.


Start a discussion Qatar is working hard to cut down on road accidents and is enforcing strict traffic laws. Violations can lead to hefty fines and even imprisonment in extreme cases. Points can also be racked up against your license and, once a limit is reached, you may no longer be permitted to drive.

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50,000 Riyal Traffic Violations


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