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Ian and kash


Ian and kash patience after first date Ian didn't seem to care about how wrong his affair with Kash was or how much it could hurt Kash's wife Linda, whom he saw at the store regularly. They were also best friends, and seemed to tell each other everything. Even after a DNA test revealed that Frank wasn't really Ian's father and Ian and Lip were merely half-siblings, they remained as close as ever. Most friends have an unspoken rule about not dating each wnd siblings, but Ian broke this rule by secretly entering into a relationship with Click closeted brother Mickey. He saw Mickey for weeks before finally confessing the truth to Mandy, which was a sign that he knew he was doing something she may not have approved of.

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Do they … cut off his pinky so he can never properly hold a tea cup again? Carve out his liver for Charlie Sheen to worship? None of the above. They goons give Frank … a swirly.

Ian, Mickey, Kash - Chop Suey

Обида на систему, на Госкино - застарелая, многолетняя, подспудная (потому особо злая) - тенью легла и на руководителей Союза. Да, теперь Льва Александровича замечательно встречают в любой аудитории. Его приветствовали и на съезде кинематографистов России в мае прошлого года, широко и тепло отметили его 75-летие.

Но это доброе свойство человеческой памяти - с годами забывать все дурное, наносное.

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023 GALLAVICH GAY LOVE STORY - Ian & Mickey (Shameless S03)

Ian & Mickey - Take a hint

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Да и сердцем своим прикипел к Вере, Николаю, к детям. Но слепота неумолимо подстерегает. Не желая никому быть в тягость, Иван Степанович покидает, наконец, деревню.



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