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Autorelease - Under the Hood


Objective c autorelease block free gay dating sites for serious relationships in india Although callings of retain, release and autorelease manually are forbidden in ARC way, they actually are added automatically by the compiler and called as they were there. They will increase and reduce bkock reference count respectively. The receiver will be inserted into a pre-created auto release pool. When the pool receives a drain method, the reference count of all objects in the pool will be reduced by the times they appear in the pool.

nsautoreleasepool * pool [[ nsautoreleasepool alloc init ];

The main goal of this article is not to explain the base of what is an autorelease pool and when autorelease should be used, but anyway, this is really important to understand these concepts before proceeding. For this reason, the first paragraph will be dedicated to explain them. Experts developers, can safely skip it if they want. What and when As the Apple documentation says. Autorelease pool blocks provide a mechanism whereby you can relinquish ownership of an object, but avoid the possibility of it being deallocated immediately such as when you return an object from a method. At this point, method finishes and releases objB, which is not referenced anymore and it is still retaining newObj.

Objective C Tutorial

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