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5 Factors That Determine Breast Shape


Are large breasts hereditary interracial christian dating app View All It may stand to reason that larger breasts place a woman at greater risk of breast cancer due to, well, the very read more of them. At the very least, one might assume that finding a lump would be harder if you wear a triple-D cup compared to someone who wears, say, an A cup. But is this a medical fact or just an urban myth? Breast Size and Body Weight in Relation rae Breast Cancer The simple truth is that there have been no large, peer-reviewed studies that support breast size as a factor in the development of breast cancer. While there has been some research suggesting a link, there have been just as many which have drawn the opposite conclusion.

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Abstract Background While some factors of breast morphology, such as density, are directly implicated in breast cancer, the relationship between breast size and cancer is less clear. Breast size is moderately heritable, yet the genetic variants leading to differences in breast size have not been identified. Methods To investigate the genetic factors underlying breast size, we conducted a genome-wide association study GWAS of self-reported bra cup size, controlling for age, genetic ancestry, breast surgeries, pregnancy history and bra band size, in a cohort of 16,175 women of European ancestry. Conclusions These results provide insight into the genetic factors underlying normal breast development and show that some of these factors are shared with breast cancer. While these results do not directly support any possible epidemiological relationships between breast size and cancer, this study may contribute to a better understanding of the subtle interactions between breast morphology and breast cancer risk.

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What factors contribute to breast shape in the first place? Genetics The factor that has the greatest influence on breast shape and size is genetics. Your DNA affects multiple characteristics, which in turn affect breast shape and size but also changes that take place over time. In addition to the direct effect on breast shape and size, your DNA also influences hormone production and levels, which also have an influence on breast development and changes that occur during menstruation and pregnancy.

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