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Setting Boundaries with the Sins of Your Family


Christian boundaries with family best online free dating websites Then when he has contact with them by phone or in person, he becomes depressed, argumentative, self-critical, perfectionistic, angry, combative, or withdrawn. His family of origin has the power to affect his new cyristian in a trickle-down effect. One sure sign of boundary problems is when your relationship with one person has the power to affect your relationships with others.

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God placed you with your parents for a season of time to help you grow into a mature adult. At some point this season ends, and your relationship with your mom and dad changes from child-to-parent to adult-to-adult. The roles change from dependency and authority to mutuality.

Setting Boundaries - God's Way

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On the surface, these things don't appear to be serious problems. But often, Mom and Dad are symbolically keeping their adult child from emotionally leaving home.

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Setting Boundaries with Dysfunctional Family Members

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Townsend had seen countless times before. When she described her problem to me, I asked her if she noticed that every time she went home to visit, she came back extremely depressed. How could the trip affect me this way?