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41 Conversation Starters for Couples Who are Getting Serious


Conversation topics dating couples dating a ball jar by its logo Contact Author With the growth of virtual relationships, people are becoming distanced from each other without even realizing it. People actually called people when they wanted to talk, conversations that take hours over text messaging could be completed in 10 minutes or less, and people were so much more connected and happy! We're losing it so badly that even when you see a group datnig teenagers together or a couple on a date yikes! Put Your Phone Away and Communicate! Being distracted by technology is not healthy for any relationship if you want it to continue to thrive.

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Here are some great conversation starters for couples. Every new relationship is a whirlwind of sunshine, peaches, romance, and all that beautiful, rose-colored jazz. However, once the fire fizzles and the dust settles, there may come a point when there seems to be not a lot left to discover or even talk about. But now that you have settled into the afterglow, things are comfortable, and even more so — predictable.


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Have you ever been depressed? What do you consider was the most positive period in your life? Have you ever caught either of your parents in a sticky situation? Have you ever had to lie for a friend or family member?

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Questions about having kids Getting to know your partner questions One of the most important things in a relationship is learning about your partner. You can know what to expect from them and can figure out if you two are a good match. What makes you dislike a person?



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