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7 Pieces of Shoe Advice for Men From 434 Single Women


Most attractive shoes on guys chandler bing smoking So what do women find attractive? Read on to see what they had to say. While particular taste among women differs, there is some consensus. And what it comes down to is this. Put in a little effort. Women attractige a man who knows how to take care of himself and who takes pride in his appearance. The woven upper is snug without being restrictive. And when game time's over, these are the easiest basketball sneakers to take off, bar none. These kicks manage to feel lightweight yet deliver solid cushion. Bonus. With the right pair of jeans, they look solid for a Friday night out, too.

Most Attractive Shoes On Guys

what men's shoes say about them

Well Fitted Suits We know the function of suits — high-standard clothing for business and fancy events. Suit aren't the most commonly worn outfits for first dates BUT the ladies love them every now and then. They like it when you dress to impress for special occasions like your wedding anniversary. They appreciate that effort. But whenever you wear a suit it's got to be the right fit.

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