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One man has swiped right on 203,000 women, without much success


Tinder san francisco best free dating apps melbourne One man has swiped right on 203,000 women, without tindr success By Caitlin Dewey Aug 01, 2016 3.51 PM Tinder's popularity may fade, but the term "swipe right" could live on. Mathematically speaking, that means Stadil - or, more accurately, a piece of software he built to swipe and message for him - has approached roughly 6 percent of San Francisco's total female population. And yet, despite all those messages, all those swipes, all those carefully plotted lines of code. Stadil has nothing to show for it. Advertisement "Yeah," sighed the 31-year-old software engineer. So what are the best dating apps in San Francisco? Though people seem to be universally embracing online dating from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between , a super tech-tastic spot like San Fran is even more likely to be full of people madly swiping, matching, and messaging away. Though dating apps are ubiquitous , the sometimes sunny, sometimes foggy city wear layers seems to be fully on board with the search of love online, and that trend can only increase as time goes on and more and more people join the trend. I did some research on the best, most popular dating apps in the Bay Area, and one thing is for certain. It doesn't seem like the the Golden Gate City is slowing down on its app intake anytime soon, especially not when it comes to apps of the dating variety. Whether you live there and you are hoping to expand your horizons, plan to visit and want to know which apps to try while you're in the city, or you're just wanderlusting and thinking about a potential move there someday, here are 10 apps all single San Franciscans should try.

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